Understanding your way of life

Existential-phenomenological theory and practice is the main influence on my therapeutic work. In spite of it being such a tongue-breaker of a name it is a down to earth and very positive approach. It does what human beings have done throughout time: looking at life with wonder – questioning it and sometimes doubting, in an on-going attempt to make sense of their encounter with the world, with others and themselves.

With an age-old philosophy informing my approach, and a continuing dialogue with present counselling theories and practice, I can offer my clients a well-grounded and supportive partner in their attempts to solve their problems; to explore what it is that concerns them; to find their voice and their way following traumatic events in their lives; to face their fears; to develop in awareness, sensitivity, confidence and courage to freely and responsibly engage with life.

If you have questions about this form of counselling/therapy or are uncertain how it could work for you, please give me a ring on 01953 850830. Alternatively, if you would like to discuss any issues in depth, you could make an appointment for an assessment.