In your own words

When people decide that they want therapy or counselling, they may have already struggled for some time with difficult situations, experiences and feelings. Perhaps you recognize some of the following issues:

abuse, addiction, anger, anorexia, anxiety, bereavement, burn out, bullying, cancer, careers, chronic illness, coaching, depression, disability, domestic violence, eating disorders, educational/employment difficulties, identity problems, minority issues, obsessions, panic attacks, pastoral, personal development, phobia, post-traumatic stress, relationship problems, sexual abuse, sexuality, spirituality, stress, terminal illness, trauma

Sometimes people name one or more of the above mentioned issues and describe related symptoms. Sometimes they cannot easily name what they are suffering from or what they are worrying about. All they know is that their life is no longer how it used to be, or that it is just not bearable, or that there has to be some change.

If you would like to talk about any of the above: call me on 01953 850 830. I can see you weekdays, daytime and evenings.


I offer integrative Supervision for therapists/counsellors and other caring professionals and emergency services personnel (individuals and small groups) providing the opportunity to offload, reflect and discover new insights from work related issues.

Supervision for me is not: the supervisor sees or knows best. It is about exploring and getting to understand what we are doing. I aim to support my supervisee’s capabilities and courage, their creativity and self-care.

Contracting is an open and mutual process inviting the supervisee’s equal participation. Following positive experience I think that supervision should be mindful, restorative, enjoyable and relevant to the supervisee’s professional commitment and development.